the basics of money making!!

Zero-Risk Money-Making & No-Cost Marketing
How to Do Things Rightand Succeed
Your 11 Hidden Core Thought Patterns determine your level of success. FIX THEM OR FAIL. Most people don't know what sabotages their success. Switch all 11 of your Hidden Core Thought Patterns to "win" and succeed big time.Think right and success follows!

DEEP in your MIND is a SECRET POWER. Unlock it with the 10X KEY. Jack Welch of General Electric found the 10X KEY. In 1985 it was taught to GE managers. By 1988 they had grown GE from a $30 billion company into a $300 billion company!

IntroductionIs it possible to start with zero money and make a fortune working on the Internet? In this article I aim to provide some guidelines on how anyone with a computer and access to the Internet can in fact make money without having to invest or risk any of his or her own money.
To make money on the Internet you will have to invest some time. Much of that time will probably have to be spent on learning some of the "tricks of the trade." Initially, you may earn relatively little for the time you spend. However, as you acquire some Internet skills and expand and improve your operation, your earnings per hour will increase. If you focus on the continuous upgrading of your own skills and actions and your presentation on the Internet, your earnings per hour will increase. After six months to a year, you could be earning enough to pay all your bills and make a decent living. After a few years, you could be earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars per hour worked...

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